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3 Songs

by Tim Loud

Have you ever been to a millionaire's house? It's very, very, very, very boring. They only ever talk about money and how they've got loads of that. Have you ever been to a millionaire's house? they never, ever, ever get the brews on. They've never got any good biscuits, cos they've only got macaroons. Why do millionaire's need so much money? why don't they share some with the poor and/or the needy? 'Cos I feel those guys could really use a little help. Instead you bloody hoard the lot, just so you've got more of it. Greedy gits. Selfish shits. Have you ever been... They've never got any good hobbies. They only have expensive ones, thay they play with other c***s. Have you ever... They've always got loads fo cars. But they haven't got very big dicks, and they haven't got very nice wives. Why do millionaire's have so much money? is it cos they're much more cleverer than the rest of us. Cos if that's the case then I suppose they deserve it. but I still feel they could give some to some charitable causes. There really are so very many charitable causes. For every millionaire there's 20 charitable causes, yeah. That's not f***ing fair. It's a burden we all bear. We suffer because they're there. Have you ever... They're always having loads of parties. They invite who they say are friends, then talk about themselves. Have you ever... Where they actually give away some money? that's not charity, no, that's philanthropy. When a millionaire parts with their money, that's a thing that is deemed worthy of a different word. It's never altruistic cos they always get somethings. Like a ward named after them, or possibly a wing. Just for not being self-centred and for learning about sharing. well enough's enough for me, so I'm asking just one thing. Which is we all agree the same, put them all to death and eat their flesh. Redistribute their wealth. Crush them like the pestst they are, theyx2 Kill them like the pests they are, they arex2
Teachers 03:14
When i was about 15, me and ol' Tom we used to spoke Ephedrine. Then one day, he hung himself and dide. I f I said tghat didn't affect me, well, I lied. I didn't know what to do so I took more drugs and stopped going to school. Found that lifestyle suited me better, until one day that school sent me a letter. Said "We know what you've been up to, Timothy" "Takiing drugs and not coming to school and learning Maths" for this odious and terrible deed, the jury all agreed that I would never amount to anything. Personal tutor said I was un-academic, Head of year said "your life will be pathetic" I thought "That's rich" and pretty f***ing cruel. Isn't it people who can't do things that work in schools? I didn't know what to do so I took more drugs and stopped going to school. Found myself a job and a place to call my own, and life, you know, She rolls along. And I met a lot of people in my time and every one of them is a stroy of their own. See you cannot cram a man into your one-size-fits-all plan. We've all got our own shit to do. Grew as an entity but not as a person, I focused too much on wealth and profession, unitl one day, my bloody head went 'POP' and everything just ground to a stop. Well I knew what to do, took fewer drugs started learning more too, found out that the problem is not the subject but the syllabus. There's value in every bloody one of us. And a lot of people helped me on my way, and every one fo them is a story of their own. See there is beauty, there is love, if you focus hard enough on what you need and not what you want. Now 20 years have passed since the start of the song and while I'd like to think I have proved those teachers wrong. I sometimes wonder, couldn't they have left me alone. Couldn't they see I got enough of that shit at home. But if I saw them, I'd forgive them anyway, cos I can't carry hate no more. And on the subject that is me, we could agree to disagree, but I know deep down that I'm alright. so f*** them!
These Days 04:26
These days it seems that I am reaping what I've sown, in the days I didn't know where i was going. I'm longing for the day that things I used to be are only things I used to be and that is that. (Vocalising) If wealth were measured int he company we keep, I'd be wealthy as can be with some to spare. I'm longing for the day that things I used to be are only things I used to be and that is that. (Vocalising) Now it seems that i am laying down my roots, so i can finally bear the fruits of all my toil. no longer longing for those things I used to be, they are just things I used to be and that is that.


These are some tunes I wrote for what was going to be an album but now it won't be.

These songs all mean a lot to me and I think they have involved a lot more care and attention than a fair few of my previous tunes which come across as more of a stream-of-consciousness, meandering whinge. These songs all have more of a point to them, I think.

it's pay what you want/ can. I still had to spend money to record these songs, so financial support, although not the end goal of writing music, does still come in handy. If you can afford to send me a few quid you can do that via here or direct to paypal.me/timloud.

Otherwise just enjoy them.



released September 21, 2022


all rights reserved



Tim Loud Warrington, UK

With range, character and depth to his vocals and a passionate and varied playing style, Tim tackles an array of genres and influences in his music, while his lyrics take on a wide selection of topics from the personal to the political, always conveyed with a hint of irony and a heavy dose of cynicism. ... more

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